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Tasting notes from a SLRRRPmmolier

Our most popular flavor, Blue Raspberry Smash, doesn’t turn your tongue blue. However, it brightens any celebration with a crisp fruity flavor.

Pro Tip: Serve frozen for a Blue Raspberry Chiller.


Tasting notes from a SLRRRPmmolier

Perfectly balanced peach flavor to remind you of that summer stroll in Southern Georgia. Peach Bottom is delicious year-round.

Pro Tip: If you share a SLRRRP Peach Bottom cheers with your crew while that classic track by 112 bumps on the stereo, there is a 68% chance your social gathering will evolve to a whipped cream party before the end of the night (rough math).


Tasting notes from a SLRRRPmmolier

Satisfying strawberry flavor to take with you to the lake. Our Strawberry Slammer shot is fruity and crisp, and will send you to the land of awesome.

Pro Tip: Add a dollop of whipped cream to make it a Strawberry Dream.


Tasting notes from a SLRRRPmmolier

Refreshing year round, Mango Mambo is the perfect throwback to that romantic sunset on the beach.

Pro Tip: If you give your ‘boo thang’ a Mango Mambo SLRRRP shot, while watching a sunset together on the beach, we’re pretty sure the world stops for a moment of pure perfection. Try it out and let us know.